Mánes Art Restaurant – PRAGUE

During my recent trip to Prague, I visited an incredible restaurant in the city centre, within a stone’s throw of the famous Charles Bridge.

Mánes Restaurant not only serves wonderful food but also showcases numerous works of art, creating a classy and engaging atmosphere in which to dine.

Mánes art restaurant

To start our meal, we had “Mrkev tažená v másle” (carrots slow-cooked in butter, served with carrot purée, mayonnaise, lentils, onion dust and a brioche crumb) which was tasty although essentially a rather simple dish of root vegetables on a bed of black lentils.

However, I was completely blown away by the alternative starter of creamy goats cheese with spiced apple purée, pistachio and homemade orange bread infused with Cointreau. Each flavour complimented the others beautifully and I couldn’t get enough of that sweet yet citrusy bread!

Czech goats cheese starter

Moving onto mains, Mánes served a stunning Beef Bourguignon: tender red wine stewed beef with onion, mushrooms and mashed potato. The beef (although it looks rather dark in the photo) was succulent and cooked to perfection, flawlessly paired with a rich red wine sauce and glass of red wine.

Beef bourguignon

We also tried the pork cheeks braised in dark beer and served with smoked potato mash – an utterly stunning combination. The potato had a subtle smokiness which together with the meat was irresistible. A total delight!

Pork cheeks with smoked potato

To finish, I couldn’t resist ordering the chocolate fondant served with plum sorbet, gingerbread and a creamy poppyseed sauce (poured over post-photograph). The dessert was totally melt in the mouth, with a molten chocolate centre. The use of plum lightened the dish too, adding a wintery touch of fruit which I thoroughly enjoyed.

Chocolate gingerbread fondant

All in all, an utterly sublime meal in a fabulous venue – definitely one of the best meals out I’ve had in the last while. With such a spacious and glamorous venue, I’d certainly recommend putting Mánes on your list if planning a trip to Prague.


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