Best Ramen In Town?

I enjoyed some really fantastic ramen at Maki Maki on Nicolson Street last week. I’d heard good things about Maki and Ramen restaurants (and seen some wonderful looking snaps of their ramen on Instagram) and so couldn’t wait to try it out myself! Some people even say this place serves the best and most authentic ramen in Edinburgh…and I certainly wasn’t disappointed: I ordered the Miso Ramen: freshly made ramen noodles in miso broth with silky Japanese tofu, sweetcorn, seaweed, and greens. I also ordered a soft-boiled egg with my bowlful of soupy noodle-y goodness and on arrival, it was cooked to perfection with a runny, golden yolk. The miso broth was very flavourful and warming – and I’m not a veggie but this dish just goes to show that tofu doesn’t have to be bland! All the different flavours and textures came together so well in one big bowlful.


Miso Ramen

I also had some beautiful freshly made salmon maki (and by freshly made I mean literally made behind the counter while I watched!) Gorgeous little mouthfuls of sushi heaven! My friend and I also shared some veggie gyoza which were lovely.


salmon maki

From the outside, the restaurant looked semi-shabby and unassuming, however it had a sort of “hidden treasure” vibe to it and inside was clean and well-lit. I must admit I wasn’t brave enough to order certain things such as salmon belly fat sushi or eel, but there were plenty of other scrumptious-sounding ramen and sushi options on the menu. Definitely worth a visit, especially if you’re after some freshly prepared and handmade authentic Japanese food.


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